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Updates on 140 Characters Conference – LA / Tel Aviv / London – Here we come!

Here’s an update on the upcoming #140Conf events…

Since the  #140conf in New York City, Jeff Pulver has added Tel Aviv, and moved the London event to November 17.  The LA event, previously announced is on October 27 / 28.
October 7/8: #140conf – Tel Aviv 
October 27/28: #140conf – Los Angeles  ( @ Kodak Theater
November 17: #140conf – London 

Kodak is the title sponsor for the upcoming #140conf events in Los Angeles and in London.  

So what’s it all about?

#140conf takes a look at the real-time internet and it’s effect on: Celebrity, The Media, Advertising, Politics and more. The format is fast paced – individual talks are 10 minutes and panels are 20 minutes. While the event looks at twitter as a platform and as a language we speak, this is not a conference where we spend time exploring twitter “tips and techniques” nor do we discuss microblogging. The core focus is something Jeff calls “The State of NOW” and where we discuss the effects of the emerging real-time internet on business.  (please see the video –  for more details.)

At the moment, Jeff is working on the conference schedule for each of the upcoming events.  Please feel contact Jeff if you would like to recommend a speaker and/or topic to be discussed. And if YOU would like to speak, please let Jeff know NOW.

#140conf is looking for sponsors. If you, your client or someone you know would be interested in sponsoring one or more of the upcoming #140conf events, please contact Jeff.

On Wednesday Jeff will be visiting Los Angeles where he’s hosting a “Friends of #140conf” cocktail party at the Hotel Palomar. Please RSVP at: if you can join me and the growing #140conf community in Los Angeles.  

In early September he will be visiting London and hosting a “Friends of #140conf” Cocktail party in London. On September 16th he will will be hosting a “Friends of #140conf” Cocktail Party in NYC.  Please join the “Friends of #140conf” Group on Facebook – for more information regarding the upcoming cocktail events.

Reach out direct to:

If you are a member of the media please and want to apply for the LA event, please click here:

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