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#TwitterJamBand Aims to Raise $80,000 During TheOtherHalfTimeShow to Benefit Hugs For Holly

Over the last six months, a group of musicians in San Antonio have been playing music together under the name, #TwitterJamBand. It’s really been a way to get friends together, jam and just have some fun. In the process, we’re being noticed by the media, world-wide.  

As the band and the get-togethers progressed, Jennifer Navarette made the suggestion to do a fundraiser during the upcoming Big Football Game on Sunday February 7 (we are not associated with the NFL). Since one of our favorite bands, The Who, were playing the during the half time show, we came up with the idea of our band playing, live on UStream, 5 minutes after they finish their set. 

If you can give a donation, it will benefit our friend, Holly Julian, who is having a lung transplant and needs about $100,000.00 to help defray her out of pocket costs that insurance won’t cover. So far, Holly has raised $20,000.00 and we’re hoping to expand our reach around the world.  This is social media does social good at its best. Thank you Jennifer, John, and Luis for helping organize.



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