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twitter is worth Billions. Join Jeff Pulver at #140conf and Understand WHY this is.

This is a copy of an email just send out by Jeff Pulver and is a great read.  If you are a member of the media and want to join us in Tel Aviv, LA or London, please click here.

Here’s Jeff’s email….

Last week it was announced that twitter did another round of funding, this time valuing the company at a Billion dollars. Yesterday morning I was interviewed about the current twitter valuation on FOX Business and I shared my belief that twitter is actually worth more than that. You can watch the entire video over at:

During the interview I realized from the perspective of the communications industry that the worldwide adoption of twitter in various segments of society in the 21st century is as big as the introduction of the telegraph and/or telephone in the 20th century. At least it feels like that to me.

(if you have comments about the interview, please share them.)

Yes, I am an investor in twitter. I am also someone with 15 years experience of being involved and around emerging net technologies and I have a history of getting involved early in such markets. I do believe there is something special happening right now in the history of the Internet that we don’t yet have a name for but will in the future.

The core focus of the #140conf events is the emerging Real-Time Internet and what I call “The State of NOW.” At these events I look at twitter as a platform and as a language. The focus is on the impact of these emerging real-time social communication platforms and the effects on various elements of society around the world. At these conferences you will hear from people involved in the media, Internet and Entertainment industries as well as from people from other walks of life who you would never run into at a tech conference. I believe the change we are experiencing is deep rooted and in the years ahead, billions of dollars of opportunity will be there for the first movers in this emerging industry.

After creating and hosting events for the past 14 years, I decided to change the format of the conferences that I produce. The #140conf events are unique in that they take place in a Theater and during the course of any day the attending delegates have an opportunity to hear from up to 60 different people. The sessions are fast paced and full of energy. Individual talks are set to run 7 to 10 minutes; “Keynotes” are no more than 15 minutes and the panel discussions are 15 to 20 minutes.

I will be producing three #140conf events over the next couple of months.

#140conf Tel Aviv is taking place on October 12th –
#140conf Los Angeles is taking place on October 27/28 –
#140conf London is taking place on November 17th –
and the #140conf NYC Meetup is taking place on October 21st –

One of my goals of creating and producing the #140conf events is to in effect enable what could be best described as: “Social Media Heterosis” (hybrid vigor in the social media space) and cross connect communities which are all using twitter as a platform in their business but would have otherwise have never had any reason to meet each or connect with each other. 

I believe the “State of NOW” represents a big shift in the nature of how we will use the Internet and I look at just about everyone who is a member of the growing worldwide #140conf community to be a pioneer in this new field. When I started working on the first event I had a goal of “producing an event that explored the use of twitter as a platform and looked at the effects of twitter on: Celebrity, The Media, Advertising and Politics.” #140conf events cover these topics, the Arts & Sciences and more. (Please take a look at: to see what I mean.)

My goal isn’t to be “just a twitter conference” but rather continue to look at how a diverse group of people are being effected by the emerging NOW Internet and provide a platform for people to listen, learn and connect with the people who were sharing their voices and perspectives.

If you would like to connect with the future and get a feeling of some of the things I am seeing, please consider attending one of the #140conf events that will be happening in October and November. 

More information about all of the upcoming #140conf events can be found over at:

I would appreciate it if you could forward this email to your friends and associates and help me spread the word about #140conf and “The State of NOW.”

If you would like to get involved with my future events, to speak, sponsor or suggest topics to cover, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards, Jeff

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