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Twitter for Rockstars? Yup – the #140conf LA is the place to be. Credentialed Media / Bloggers sign up here!

Time to get your Rockstar on….

If you are a credentialed media or blogger and your coverage area is  #Music, the #140Conf / LA – October 27 and 28 is the place to be.  The event will be held at the Kodak Theater with #Kodak being our lead sponsor.

On day one of the event, starting at 2:55 PM, we’ll be covering Twitter for Rockstars and  Fans, Followers and Friends

To request a press pass please click here:

View the event’s schedule here:

Twitter for Rockstars

Twitter is the bulwark of the general disintermediation happening with today’s social media; why have press cover entertainment when John Mayer can tweet out his new album or big studio productions can invite influencers to their red carpet premiere, gene

Alexia Tsotsis (@alexiatsotsis) – Tech/Business Lifestyle Reporter, LA Weekly
L.A. Weekly (@LAWeekly)
Sean Percival (@seanpercival) – Director of Content, Tsavo; Founder, lalawag

Fans, Followers and Friends
Exploring the effects of twitter on the Celebrity / Fan relationship

Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) – Television and Film Actress
Doug Jones (@actordougjones) – Television and Film Actor

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