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True story with photo: My voting precinct in San Antonio uses color coded popsicle sticks to ensure my ballot counts.

Today I voted in the Texas primary elections.

When I signed in at the desk, I showed my ID and was handed a color coded popsicle stick which designated with an R on the left and and 3026 on the right. R stood for Republican and 3026 is my precinct.

While I was thrilled to take part in a right I hold dear, I am somewhat perplexed that in this modern age that we live in, we are using something like the popsicle stick to designate my party affiliation. When I asked the election judge why they had this procedure in place, he told me that since I did not have my voter registration card with me, they use popsicle sticks to ensure I vote in the right precinct and in the right party.  He they told me that this is only done in the primaries.


Ah… the primaries. I suppose the primaries are of less importance than a real election.

Though charmed with the popsicle stick, I must say that I would like to see the voting process in Bexar County be upgraded.

Maybe a scan of my registration, that prints out a label that is tied to a code generator.

It’s easy, free and would not use non sustainable materials like a popsicle stick.

Your take?


  1. Well Alan, now you have a souvenir!!

  2. I could not keep it.  It had to be returned for the next voter.


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