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Tonight in Tel Aviv: Twitter’s Biz Stone talks about the triumph of humanity. #bizil

I was fortunate to attend a talk this evening in Tel Aviv given by Twitter’s Biz Stone. (Thank you Kfir Pravda for inviting me.)


(photo: my name tag in Hebrew)

While Biz gave some interesting insights and snippets of information on how the company came to be, the real message that Biz focused on, was the driving belief that Twitter is not a triumph of technology, but rather one of humanity.

Biz said that if you give people a simple tool like Twitter, they can communicate in an open manner and that great things can happen. He pointed not to the business applications so much as to the power of this platform, but how Twitter has been used in social causes, and political movements such as Iran in disrupting traditional news media, and how if we can just foster a network of open communication, good things do happen.

His message seemed timely, especially in light of the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. And speaking of Thanksgiving – yes, there’s a Tweetsgiving in Tel Aviv tomorrow night that I will be taking part in.

I look forward to meeting the community that makes this yet another region of the world where the social web meets social good.

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