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Timing Your News in December

We are working on several announcements for Disrcetix,, AudioCodes and CopperGate Communications that will come out in the month of December.  There are two schools of thought about December and broadcasting news.  On one hand, it starts to become a dead month and impossible to get ahold of journalists as Christmas approaches.  On the other hand, journalists are hungry for news to "fill," especially when they are year end trends or forward-looking in nature that look at changes in technology and buying patterns in the new year to come.

In promoting "hard" news, we are finishing up the week of the 13th.  In pitching "soft" news, we are pitching for the week between Christmas and New Years. 

Last year, we did a survey on Instant Messaging trends for Omnipod and had a huge amount of coverage in technology and mainstream press toward the end of, and at the beginning of the new year.

Determine if your news is hard or soft and time it right.

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