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Friday’s Tech PR True Confession #5: “We Work For the Media, The Analysts, The Bloggers, and Not for You.

This week, I am making a daily entry confessing to the realities of what we do in serving our clients and pitching new business.Picture_3

Got any confessions of your own?  Send them along to me at: alan@weinkrantz dot com.

Confession #5 for Friday, April 6  "We work for the media, the bloggers, and analysts and not for you."

1. OK….this one is sure to get me into big trouble.  Yes, we work for the media, the bloggers and industry analysts who could and should cover your company.

2.  Our job is to be of help and service to this community so they can produce compellig and interesting content about compelling, interesting, and hopefully disruptive companies like yours.

We don’t shove our clients down their throat and push them to write. 

We pitch good ideas with substance, trends, research, end user stories, real customers, and real data that supports what our clients are doing and why they matter.

4.  Our job is to help this community do their job, even when it means that it does not directly result in getting coverage.

5.  Sometimes, we recommend briefings, just to bring a journalist up to speed in an industry segement.  Maybe they will use the information; maybe they won’t.  It’s really ok.  In almost 25 years of doing this PR thing, I have learned that working for the media, the analysts and the bloggers, winds up working for our clients.


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