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Wednesday’s Tech PR True Confession #3: “We don’t always know what the media is writing about.”

This week, I am making a daily entry confessing to the realities of what we do in serving our clients and pitching new business.Picture_3

Got any confessions of your own?  Send them along to me at: alan@weinkrantz dot com.

Confession #3 for Wednesday, April 4:  "Even with editorial calendars in hand, we don’t always know what the media is going to write about."

1. Editorial calendars are a good barometer of what a publication "might" be writing, but it’s by no means a guarantee of coverage.

2. Please don’t assume that we know what the media will be writing about.

If there is a story written about your competitor or your industry and they don’t mention you in the article, there are a variety of reasons why that could happen.

Most of the time, I find that you are not being "found." 

A good way to fix it:  produce daily content with relevant tags on your webs site or blog.  Your rankings will go up and you’ll be found.

3.  Once a publication has written about your space or your competitor, it’s OK to make the journalist aware of who you are, but don’t assume you’ll get coverage in the near term from as the result of this type of encounter.

I tell the client to be:

Stay focused. 

Keep your messages current. 

Make sure you can be "found."

By all means pitch based on editorial calendars, and keep trying.   I personally find that sustainment in your outreach yields the best results.

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