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Tuesday’s Tech PR True Confession #2: “Much of what we do is by discovery…”

This week, I am making a daily entry confessing to the realities of what we do in serving our clients and pitching new business.Picture_3

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Confession #2 for Tuesday, April 3:  "Much of what we do is by discovery."

Or put another way, we’ll figure it out as we go along.

1. As good as I think we are at what we do, I firmly believe that you have to allow for the principle of discovery as a PR program evolves.

Sometimes, we try things that just strike a chord and resonate.

Then, we know we are on to something. 

And sometimes, we get a blank stare at the receiving end when we pitch.  (Time to adjust the message…)

2.  Yes, we do strategic plans, but they are just that:  they are plans. 

And plans change. 

So be flexible.  Be patient.

And be sustainable in your PR outreach efforts.

3.  Sometimes our clients compete in markets, but most of the time we help create new ones. 

It’s not Coke vs. Pepsi. 

It’s about our client creating a new market, or disrupting one.

And when you are creating a new market, you sometimes just have to figure some things as you execute. 

This is not to say we execute with reckless abandon.  By keeping our eyes and ears to ground and listening to the feed back we get from journalists, bloggers and analysts, we can adjust when and if we need to.

I tell the client to be: 

‘Don’t hire us because our initial plan is so good. 

Hire us because we believe in the principle of discovery.

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