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This Week From Israel

While I am in Israel, here are some selected blogs I found that are partially or all in Hebrew….


The Beta Tech:
Something to do with technology.  Note the English headlines and offerings from Google, Firefox, and of course, the ability to subsribe via standard news readers.

From what I can make of this site, it must be something to do with video broadcasts you can download (made in Israel I suppose…)

Israeli film critic Yair Raveh’s daily addendum to his weekly print column. Breaking movie news, movie blog reports and live updates from events and festivals. Readers and film buffs are welcome to join in to the heated discussion.

Danny Dandan
A mixture of English and Hebrew which is why I could read this one.  He makes it real clear:  "A Personal Virtual Webspace About Nothing." 

I guess this is like the Seinfeld show….

Guaranteed Footchase
This is in English.  It’s about someone from Washington, D.C. who is moving to Israel.  Great photography!
OpenOffice, Mozilla, Macintosh, Linux and general internet stuff, for those who read Hebrew

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz © 2006


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  1. Hi Alan,
    just found out you wrote about my web-log (my 2 minutes of fame 🙂 ).
    so i droped by to say thanks for finding some time to read my stuff and linking back.
    taking in consideration it’s not quite updating lately and looks like a complete mess due to upgrades makes it even a bigger complement.


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