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More Thoughts on Weekly Trade Publications

This is a follow on entry from yesterday regarding our reaching out
to the media for the various tradeshows we are currently supporting for
our clients.

Weeklies such as  eWeek, Computerworld, InformationWeek, and of course, the online ‘zines such as ZDNet, CNET, TechWeb, who cover major shows like VON and CTIA.

We really don’t aim for exclusive coverage just on our client.  We know
that is not always possible and there is not enough real estate (in
print and online) to expect individual company coverage.

One technique that does work is to pitch a broader trends piece in
the context of the show and how your technology, your product, your
vision, your parterships show that you are part of an emerging trend,
or how you are helping to create an emerging trend.

Also, make sure you have briefed analysts in advance, and be able to
help the journalist by recommending which analysts they can call for
their view on an emerging trends story in the scheme of a particular

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