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Theatre Information Systems Launches Product That Simplifies Buying Cinema Advertising

Today at the CAC (Cinema Advertising Council) and Ad Age Group’s “2nd Annual Marquee Marketing at the Movies,” our client, Theatre Information Systems announced the launch of Cinema Direct Media, a web-based media planning and buying tool.

Cinema Direct Media is an online software program which networks movie theatres in the Rest of America™ — the 30 percent of movie screens not represented by not represented by the industry’s two largest companies. Cinema Direct Media allows users to plan smart campaigns by selecting specific screens for advertising based on various factors including location, theatre technologies, and detailed demographic reports.

“We’ve essentially created a 3rd network of theatres with available onscreen advertising space,” said James Tiller, president of Theatre Information Systems (T.I.S.). “While most agencies buy ads through the industry’s two largest onscreen advertising companies, they don’t take the time to research theatres located in the Rest of America. Cinema Direct Media now does this for them, turning a process that used to take a month into something that only takes a minute.”

The software program enables users to do a quick online search for screens around the nation and find out detailed information on the demographic that the theatres support, including age, education level, income bracket, gender, and race. The tool is available as a free subscription to advertising agencies and offers the best national rate for ad space. Cinema Direct Media currently represents 5,500 screens nationwide and will soon expand to 8,000 screens.

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