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The Who Perform “Endless Wire” And Much More at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A.

So then, Keenan, Ethan and I head over to the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. to see The Who  on Saturday night.

So much noise, energy, and life. We joined 20,000 or so other Who fans as we danced, sang, played air guitar and just had plain old fun. 

I’ve seen the Stones, The Who,  Ringo and His All Star Band, and met McCartney serendipitously.  Never saw the Beatles, but my  friend  Kenny saw the Beatles live and in person when they performed on the Ed Sullivan Show.  And  my friend Bob sort backed into Lennon’s car when he was a cab driver in New York.  In fact, the last time I saw The Who was in 1973 at the Charlton Football Club near London- and with Kenny. 

For all you too young to remember this stuff, were not born, or were still in diapers, this was a wonderful time in the history of music, the history of the world, that impacted our culture, our politics and states of mind.  We did not have the Internet, but we had a social media of our own:  we called and wrote each other letters (yes, we used to write letters) to share our Who stories.

I am not here to write a review or try to get into some kind of deep analysDscn0688is of their new CD, Endless Wire.   Like the Rolling Stones, and even Ray Davies from the Kinks, they just keep going and going and going.  They change.  They evolve.  But they are still just who they are and their legacy and will to continue blows me away. 

If you buy the Endless Wire CD, give it at least 10 listens. 

Then put it away for a day or two. Then listen to it again.   The way I listen to The Who is that I try to focus on Pete’s guitar work. Mypicture1

Make that your lead with everything else in the background.  That’s when you’ll get it.  Or at least, that’s how I get it. 

Buy the CD.  It was on sale at Best Buy for $9.99.  You can certainly buy it off of iTunes, but I recommend buying the CD so you can get the bonus CD and DVD and the lyrics that come with the package.

All in all, a great evening. 

Thank you Keenan and Ethan for inviting me.   

Such a treat and wonderful evening.

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