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The Wall Street Journal Covers My Other Blog…

Today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal covers my other blog, SAtechBLOG.

If you are unable to link to the story, click here: Download – Selling TV Like Tupperware1.pdf

If you are a new reader coming from the Journal story, welcome!

I started blogging about the technology community of San Antonio in
January this year.  Interviews, meetings, and much of the writing is
done at The Olmos Soda Fountain (formerly known as the Olmos Park Pharmacy.) 

My blog posts about being a trial user of the AT&T u-Verse service began on May 18.  Here my first blog post.

I credit one of our firm’s clients, IP Communications pioneer, Jeff Pulver, for helping me realize the potential for this emerging marketplace.  Jeff’s company, pulvermedia will be holding its first Video on the Net event in September.  Jeff is a prolific and insightful blogger.

Another one of our clients, CopperGate Communications,
develops advanced chipsets that enable the creation of a powerful home
network backbone for distributing multiple video, audio, voice and data
services among multiple devices over existing phone or coax cables.
We’ve also supported HomePNA, the industry standards group.

Thanks for stopping by.  Send comments and questions to: alan at weinkrantz dot com.

There will be a post later today about my being in New York next
week, visiting financial institutions who are looking at this space.

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