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The Tipping Point In IPTV Has Arrived: AT&T Delivers HD Programming and Other Features in San Antonio

Because I live in San Antonio, I’ve been a trial user of the AT&T U-verse IPTV service.  I’ve been keeping a bit mum on their transition to HD until their official announcement, which came out this morning.

So, today, the phone company as we no longer know it,  is announcing
expanded availability in San Antonio of AT&T U-verse services,
which now include High Definition (HD) programming and other new features that are going to set it apart from other offerings in the marketplace.

I will be doing daily postings on my take on all
this, including a historical view, the installation, the service,
comments from my kids, and my take on the future of disruptive
broadcasting.  Look for updates on my blog as to when this will go
live.  I need time to play with the system, and do the evaluation.

I recommend you go to the AT&T web site to read the official
news release in detail. I can tell you that what I have learned is that
some of the new features, available to new and existing customers,

•    HD technology that produces images more than twice as detailed
as standard analog TV delivering rich, realistic video and
multi-channel, movie theater quality sound.  AT&T U-verse offers
customers access to a growing lineup of more than 25 HD channels, more
than the local cable providers.  New HD customers can receive two
months of free HD programming ($10 per month thereafter).

•    Web-remote access to digital video recorder (DVR), which allows
customers to schedule recordings using their AT&T Yahoo!® Internet
account.  This feature is unique to AT&T among local providers.

•    The ability to record up to four programs at once using a DVR
receiver, another exclusive feature unmatched in the marketplace.

•    An expanded lineup of available programming with more than 300
channels, including digital music, local, and premium movie and sports

•    New set top boxes, manufactured by Motorola, all of which are
HD-capable and include specially-designed universal remote controls
that provide backlit buttons and one-touch access to VOD, DVR, and
other services.

Alan Suggests Giving The Phone Company a Spin…

AT&T is offering a pretty sweet deal that is in effect now, through March 31, 2007.  The deal is this:
new customers can join AT&T U-verse and receive free TV service,
including HBO® and Cinemax®, for the first two months when they choose
the U-300 or U-400 programming package (other monthly charges apply).
Thereafter, customers will continue to receive recurring monthly bundle

You can pick from up to five TV packages and three Internet packages
to customize your entertainment experience.  Current AT&T U-verse
offers start as low as $44 per month, depending on the selected
programming and Internet packages.   If you don’t like what you get,
just ask they are offering a 60-day money-back guarantee

I recommend that you visit the web site at or call 1-800-ATT-2020.
If you live in the San Antonio area, you can  go to the  Cingular
stores and the H-E-B grocery store at Highway 1604 and Blanco Road. 

As always, members of the media, industry analysts, and members of the finanical community are welcomed to my home. 

If you are a media mogul coming to town to do business with the
phone company as we no longer know it, have your people call my people
at 210-820-3070 ext. 103.  (I actually answer my own phone).   Your
people can also send my people an email to: alan at 

You’ll get a tour of the house, you’ll see a real disfunctional
American family that loves the service, a house that is generally
clean, time permitting, a tour of the Toilet Seat Museum, and of course a free breakfast at the Olmos Soda Fountain, where we also have free AT&T Wi-Fi.

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