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A Visit to the 5th Avenue Apple Store in NYC

The Apple Store on 5th Avenue in NYC is amazing.

The most interesting part of the store is the glass cube that sits
right across the street from the former Plaza Hotel.  Walk down the
glass stair case and you walk into a sea of customer humanity. 

I had originally booked a ProCare appointment at 8 PM but happened to be in the area around 6 PM. Dsc_8804_2
I asked if they could squeeze me in for an earlier appointment, the
people at the Genius Bar if they could do something.  They told me that
the would try to accomodate me, but would not guarantee a time.
Exhuasted and tired from my day of walking and running around the city,
I opted out. 

Not their fault and everyone was really nice and like the store at La Cantera in San Antonio where I live, you get the sense that the staff really like their job.

Open 24 / 7


One thing that is cool is that the store is open 24 / 7.  One of the
salespeople, Kyle, told me that they get very interesting crowds at 2 and 3 AM-
especially people who will be coming home from bars and nightclubs who
like to come, hange out and buy iPods.

Kyle also helped me in buying a mini-DVI to
VGA cord I needed for presentations when I hook up to large monitors.

Make it a must-see stop when visiting New York.

Photos by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2006

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