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The Apple Corps at Continental’s President’s Club in Houston

En route to New York today, I had an hour layover in Houston, so I went to Continental’s President’s Club to rest, check email, and have something to drink.  About 15 minutes after sitting down at a table, another PowerBook user sat across from me and we exchanged glances.  We both knew that we were members of a growing fan club of Apple converts.  Within another 10 minutes, 2 others came by and we each looked at one another.  And then someone, without a computer came up to us and said, "this is amazing…I am realy starting to see more and more these all over the place…"


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  1. I was sitting at a Starbucks in NYC a few weeks ago at a long counter facing the window. I had my PowerBook open – on one side a woman with an iBook and on the other another guy with a PowerBook. Anyone walking down West 51st Street would have seen a great ad for Apple.
    We’re small, but growing.


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