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The #Startup As A Three-Act Structure: How To Tell Your Story From The Mind’s Eye of A Master Story Teller – Howard Rosenman

Last week at The Israel Conference, I connected with Howard Rosenman, one of the most prolific film and documentary producers of our time.  Think Father of the Bride, The Family Man, Buffy And The Vampire Slayer and coming up soon, Sparkle, the last movie made with Whitney Houston, to be released this August 17.

Howard Rosenman at The Israel Conference, Los Angeles, May 31 / June 1, 2012

The first part of the interview focused on Israel’s creative economy that spans techology, the arts, sciences, music, media and the driving forces that makes this special place, well – so special and unique.  

The second part, Howard shares his insights and wisdoms that startups should listen to.

Startups as Three-Act Structure 

Think of your startup as part code and part screenplay.   As Howard says, base it being a three-act structure, with a beginning, middle and end.  

  • Think of the narrative you want to set up – what’s  your startup’s mission?
  • Address conflict resolution – what market(s) are you disrupting, creating, bringing capital efficiency to, and how can this scale?
  • And most of all, be passionate.  You can share and display your passion in the editorial fabric of your startup’s blog.

Oh – the beginning, middle and end?

I’m not here to define that in the literal sense, because hopefully there is no “end per se.”  

Rather, as you pivot, evolve, grow and scale, each iteration of your startup will morph in an on going series – perhaps a classic in its own right.





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