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The serendipity of meeting Peter Hirshberg at the #140Conf LA (and his commentary on how memes get started)

Jeff Pulver talks about serendipity and the meeting of chance via social platforms like twitter. 

En route to the Mashable party during the 140 Characters Conference, I heard about a Vienna Hot Dog place at the Highland Mall that was offering a 10% discount to anyone from the event.  I was hungry, and being that Vienna hot dot dogs are super good, I stopped by and had a bite to eat. 

After finished eating, in walks Peter Hirshberg.  

We’ve never met before, but we started to talk about the fact that the proprietor of this establishment just got on twitter and noticed an increase in business as the result of those of us being at the conference.  Peter and I start speaking, and then a spark happens.  Peter gets out his video camera and I get out mine.  On the fly, he does this interview and social commentary with me holding both cameras.  

Here’s what transpired.

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