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The Principle of the Receiving End

You:  “Hey, did you get my email?”

Receiving End:  “Uh…. WTF man.  I’ve been in meetings.  I have 500 more emails to go.  And, did tell you I forget what my kids looked like because I have been traveling and working so much?”

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If you think your co-workers, clients, associates or your boss gets boat load of emails with requests, asks, action items and attached files, consider the volume of pitches journalists, bloggers and analysts get.

Don’t Let Breaking News Break Your Relationships With the Media.

Even if you are launching the world’s next big best thing, consider what I call The Principle of the Receiving End.  

The fact of the matter is that the media at large is slammed with pitches and requests daily.  It’s hard to not only cover the news, but write meaningful and effective content in a very competitive and disruptive media cycle.

Where To Start?

Send a very brief pitch.  

Something like:  “Hi X, I’m a PR person for X. We’re going to be launcing a new XXX that enables your readers to X.  I would like to send you some additional information and if it’s OK, a couple of hidden links so you can learn more.  We are expecting to launch in about 6 weeks and would like to get on your radar. 

Would this be of interest to you?

Don’t Pitch.  Ask for Permission to Pitch.

I find emails like these to be very effective.  Even if there is no interest, I generally get a response.  And if they are not the right person, I find find most journalists to be helpful and will point me to someone who might be a better fit.

Just Because They Don’t Cover Your Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Try Again.

Even with journalists I know, sometimes they are just plain busy, backlogged and jammed up.  That does not mean they are not interested.  They just may not have the bandwidth to cover you righ now.


Cirlce them on Google Plus.  Follow their writing.  Comment on their blog.  

Remember, there’s a huge backlog of news to cover and if you consider the Principle of the Receiving End, you stand to increase your chances of receiving the coverage your company deserves.

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