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The Principle of Purposeful Discovery

There was a lot of talk at SXSW about random meetings, serendipity of connecting like minded people, and chance encounters resulting in media coverage. 


Connecting and Discovering is a Legit PR Strategy.  

Photo by me shot at Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold, Moundsville, West Va.

I don’t think any of this is accidental, or random. 

I believe it is entirely purposeful and with complete and good intention – if you allow it to be.

The Principle of Purposeful Discovery

When we go to events like SXSW, we’re all there for a variety of reasons. 

Be it business development, connecting with media, having fun, learning something new or sharing your knowledge as a panelist or speaker, you’ve intentionally put yourself into a flow of new opportunity, which could be categorized as discovery.

With Eyes and Ears Wide Open, Discovery Is A Two Way Street

Be open to discovering new journalists, bloggers and analysts whose ideas, and paradigms are incredibly beneficial, as they are the best barometer on the state of the art and what is.   And be open to being discovered because of the work you’ve done, the code you have written, the writing in which you expressed yourself, and the ideas in which you shared.

Discipline yourself to listen and learn first.  

You’ve already connected, but it may be premature to pitch.  

Put yourself into receptive mode and you’ll find something amazing:  the receiving end will be open to discovering and listening to you and your startup’s story.


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  1. Alan, I do agree that since we are immersing ourselves in an environment like SXSW we end up bumping into other people who have common interests or in many cases we have admired for what they have created. I think I need to do a better job at putting myself into receptive mode. I work with it every day. Thanks for the reminder!


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