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Teaching the blind to see through sound TODAY’S VIDEO-ONLY NEWS FEATURE
see A new soundscape language created by an Israeli researcher allows blind people to ‘see’ objects, in much the same way a bat does. peace Jewish and Arab teens from Israel and the Palestinian Authority literally make music together and send a message of coexistence to their peers as they collaborate on a music video.
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Helping the elderly get steady on their feet Put some peace in your tank
aid An Israeli invention that is an outgrowth of NASA science may look like a pair of sci-fi goggles, but it can get you firmly on your feet again. tank A joint Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian biofuel project will alleviate thousands of tons of organic waste and produce one million barrels of biofuel, powering peace in the Middle East.
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Thinking inside the box Firing up his engine between hot and cold
box Krooom of Israel is producing eco-friendly, DIY cardboard furniture that is durable, stable, affordable, moisture-resistant, and good looking too. hugo After 30 years spent servicing Israel’s military aircraft, engineer Hugo Tour redesigned a car’s internal combustion engine to make it twice as efficient.
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Every day is a “Sun”day
From “green” wineries to African villages, Israeli solar energy company Sunday plans to become an international power plant provider.
A Synphony to the ears of drivers everywhere
An Israeli company has developed a new hands-free technology that lets you interact with the internet while you drive – using just your voice.
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Strip of photographs
Nostalgia Monday Get your Israeli “mojo” working
Israelis drive nearly as many gas guzzlers as the rest of the world (although I am seeing more Prius’ on the road these days), but they also have an abiding love for certain antique cars, particularly the smaller, European compacts that were so prevalent in these parts years ago. The Volkswagen Beetle is completely common on the Israeli street… Despite a slew of Israeli musicians – like Idan Raichel, Shlomo Artzi or Ahinoam Nini – being able to fill auditoriums in North America and Europe with Jewish and expat Israeli fans, there haven’t been any who have achieved mainstream crossover success… All that could change with the signing this week by Sony Columbia of Asaf Avidan and the Mojos.
Remembering Elvis in Israel Marco Jona’s Sun & Moon
The Elvis Inn, off the highway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv at the Neve Ilan exit, has been around for a couple decades. And it remains one of the quirky landmarks on the Israeli landscape.

The “industry”

The feature writing life brings you in contact with all sorts of folks, some famous, some not as much, but interesting, more often than not… This summer brought “Sex and the City” creator Darren Star, CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler and independent producer Gail Berman (who brought “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to the viewing world during her time as head of Fox Studios) to the master program, which is held at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.

Jerusalem-based Marco Jona is a professional photographer with a passion for nature, and a particular fascination with the heavenly bodies. His series, entitled “The Sun and The Moon”, is a work in progress that is being created over time…

Young Judaea Year Course 1978-9

Here’s where I’m not. I am not in New York City this weekend, at the big Young Judaea Year Course 1978-9 reunion. As much as I reconciled myself to that fact months ago, I still feel a pang of regret at not meeting up with people from that first, most formative and important year of my post-high school life.

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