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The #iPad Launch One Year Ago with… @nanpalmero @iamweswilson @rjamestaylor @pearanalytics

One year ago, the iPad was announced.  

A little over two months later, on April 3, 2010, a bunch of knuckle head friends all convened at some crazy early hour in the morning to make the trek to the Apple Store LaCantera in San Antonio so we could stand in line to buy an iPad.

SalesBy5’s Chief Inspiration Officer, Nan Palmero joined in, as did Wes Wilson, CEO of Upstack and Brandstack, who bought one to do presentations for potential investors and partners.  Ryan Kelly, CEO of Pear Analytics bought one because his company has an app for the iPhone and wanted to explore the idea of replicating it for the iPad.  Rackspace’s Robert Taylor, bought one for his personal use.  He is an Apple fan and thought it was important buy one and be an early adapter.  (note how Mr. Taylor and I are wearing the same Apple Mothership T-Shirt.)

Almost one year later.. I still love my iPad.  

I’m using mine primarily as a content platform to read and keep on my desk to watch my social stream while I work.  I also like it for trade shows and conferences, so I don’t have to lug my regular MacBook Pro to the show.  It’s great for movies when I am up in the air.

Very Interesting InfoGraphic from OnSwipe

So, how about you?  

Did you buy an iPad?  Waiting for the refresh model?  Maybe getting or got a Samsung or other brand?  Waiting for Honeycomb?

Chime in and leave a comment.  


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