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The Hype Cycle. Some things are just hype. And others really do happen. But they don’t just “happen;” they tend to evolve. Alan’s hope for a great disrupter: HD Voice

I found this over at Garry Tan’s site. Garry happens to be the co-founder of Posterous (my primary publishing platform).

Being in the PR / Social Media biz, I’ve helped clients bring to market disruptive technologies that, well, disrupt.

Take VoIP or WiFi as an example. I worked with AudioCodes and Envara (no more links to Envara as they were acquired by Intel) for many years before their respective technologies took hold in a market that took years to take hold, be meaningful and return an exit (AudioCodes did go public).

Following AudioCodes, they are on to another great disrupter: HD Voice. Not over night. But over time, I think this is a great disrupter. Something Gartner missed in this chart. 

Wanna learn more about HD Voice, follow my pal and sometimes client, Jeff Pulver.  He’s leading the charge on HD Voice here.

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