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The Best Response I’ve Ever Had to An Email Pitch

Yes, I still send out email pitches.  While most of the pitches I do, are custom pitches, I will admit that on occasion, I will send out an email blast to a broader universe. 

Sometimes this works.
Sometimes this does

Here is what I am finding about the reality of pitching:  journalists don’t take story ideas from pitches.  They take story ideas from blogs and related social media sites. 

The following is a real response from someone who I really admire.  The person, who’s name is not being "named" makes some very good and telling points in his response to me:

"I don’t do as much coverage as I’d like nowadays, and when I do, it’s something I picked up reading blogs or Twitter or Friendfeed or to people at conferences or around the Internet.

If you’re interested in getting me to cover something, please take the time to get to know me first, and what I’m interested in. You can find out the kinds of things I’m interested in by reading my major articles and blogs, which can be found here:"

A big wake up call, folks….

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