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The Best #iPad “Case” is not a case, but a great protector. Same one as they use in the Apple stores

Since I got my iPad on day one, I’ve been searching high and low for what I thought would be the best case – or protector for my iPad.


As it turns out, I did not want a “case.” I already had one. It was the one I bought that comes from Apple. It’s not great, but it does the job.

My goal is just to protect it for when I travel or take my iPad to meetings.

So, I went to my Apple store at NorthStar Mall and noticed that the Apple staff had this nifty iPad protector. The only thing is that they did not sell it. They did not sell it on the Apple site either.

Here it is.

It’s from Belkin. It costs $49 and available here from Amazon.

Highly Recommended.

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