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The #140Conf and The Expression of the Human Condition on The Real Time Web

Today I am in Hutchinson, KS listening and observing the presentations, discussions and meeting the characters and attendees at the #140Conf Small Town.


This is not my first #140Conf event. It’s actually my 8th Over the course of almost two years, I’ve been with Jeff Pulver at the #140Conf New York, LA, London, New York #2, Boston, LA #2, Detroit and today, Hutchinson. Before the Boston #140Conf, I also had the opportunity to travel with Jeff and Mo Krochmal on our #140Conf Road Trip which took us on a 3,100 mile drive taking us to Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Sioux Falls, Fargo, a brief stop at the Field of Dreams, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, and then back to Cleveland.

In all of my travels, I’ve crossed paths people from all walks of life, from all socio-economic backgrounds, in a variety professions from education, politics, journalism, the arts, social work, music, medicine, law and many more. Even with having the luxury of traveling and listening to the stories from the presenters / Characters, I’ve continuously struggled with helping Jeff define what we are doing, let alone trying to explain the #140Conf Experience.

What I find is that there is a profound shift in what I am seeing as being the expression of the human condition on platforms like Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube or any type of blogging platform. My view is that we are becoming a society of more caring, more compassionate and more loving story tellers.

Our attendees are story tellers, expressing themselves, being found, and connecting in new ways.

The human condition is being expressed on the social web.

Listen closely.

To borrow from Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth,” There’s something happening here…


  1. Alan, we are so happy that you and Jeff decided to make a stop through Hutchinson and I enjoyed our talk about the shift in the way we communicate after the event yesterday. Looking forward to connecting with you again!

  2. Alan, thank you. Thank you for greeting me like an old friend in London. Thank you for supporting all the efforts on this event. Thank you for your hours of behind the scenes work. Thank you for every kind word before and after the event. And thank you for this wonderful expression of what we are up to. Thank you.


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