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Thank You Kinko’s!

Thank goodness for Kinkos.

We have been in the midst of two major trade shows and without them, we could not deliver just in time printing at major events that we support our clients at. We have documents and press releases that circle the globe and must go through various approval cycles. Be it our own client, getting a quote approved from a third party in the press release, or in the case of our publicly held clients, getting approvals from legal, this means we work down to the minute.

When we do tradeshows, we ship all of the letterhead and collateral to the Kinko’s closest to the show. This summer, the Kinkos on Michigan Ave in Chicago not only did all of our printing for SuperComm, but volunteered to do the stuffing and building of the kits. This week in Boston, their staff was great to work with, but we had our team stuffing press kits in our hotel room as we were watching the Red Sox make their amazing comeback. Next week, our team is in San Franscisco at the AES Show. In this case, our press materials are actually done in advance. Next? CES January.

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