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Texas Lyceum’s “Our Growing Lives Online: Safe or Not?” – San Antonio Feb 5 / 6 – The Great Debate

The Texas Lyceum convenes its first quarterly meeting of 2010 in San Antonio to tackle the sensitive topic of risks associated with our connected lives.

The weekend will explore the risks we incur by having much of our information available and potentially vulnerable on the Internet. Be it social media, online banking or buying something on E-bay, hackers are increasingly able to piece together information from disparate sources to put our reputation, finances, and identities at risk.

The centerpiece for the weekend will be the first public debate of the Lyceum’s 2010 “Great Debate” series. The debate, to be televised statewide via public television, will tackle the thorny issue of whether existing laws and technologies adequately protect our data and identities in an online world.

Panelists will represent opposing viewpoints in this debate – hackers and privacy advocates who will argue these protections are inadequate, and security leaders and government leaders who will argue that laws and technologies are closing the gap.

The weekend will include interactive and team activities to help Lyceum Directors better understand how these privacy and security risks affect their day-to-day lives. An intended goal of the weekend will be to raise the level of awareness for Lyceum Directors regarding public policy involving online security and privacy.

The backdrop of the conference will be San Antonio and its growing cyber security industry. Acknowledging that San Antonio is becoming an emerging center of computer security activity, the United States Air Force is currently locating its 24th Air Force Cyber Command at the city’s Lackland AFB.

Click here for the weekend agenda.

Members of the media, industry analysts and bloggers covering security and privacy issues, please contact me – alan at weinkrantz dot com for more information.


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  2. Howard Schmidt has an insurmountable credibility problem.Google “cylab printcafe securities fraud”


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