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Texas Israel Chamber of Commerce Continues to Evolve Through Membership and Innovative Programming

The Texas Israel Chamber of Commerce (of which I am on their board) continues to grow and thrive, as it joins Texas and Israeli-based companies together to create new business opportunities on both sides.

With Texas is Israel’s third largest American trading partner, there is a  growing volume of trade consisting of computer-related hardware and software, biomedical products, electronic data transmission, telecom, cable television, food products, medical products, cleantech and defense products and systems. 


Now starting its third year, we have some new leadership in place with Greg Yavner, serving as our President & CEO.

The Chamber seeks to take advantage of Israel’s world- class  engineering, science, medical, research, and development workforce for Texas businesses. 

Learn more about the Chamber by downloading the overview here:

Download TiCoC_2 Page Chamber Overview_2009 

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