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Tel Aviv Taxi Stories: A Bar Mitzvah Gift to See The Beatles. Meeting Your Wife to be at Woodstock… And Much More…

Need information, an opinion on politics, or want to hear an interesting story about life?  Hop in a taxi in Tel Aviv.

This morning I met Mario the taxi driver.   En route to a meeting, he asked me where I was from, detected my American accent and he told me that he met his wife of now 36 years, at Woodstock.  He experienced Hendrix, The Who, Janis Joplin and many others who were there.  And…. he met a girl, who became his wife, and the mother of his three children.

The Ultimate Bar Mitzvah Gift:  Concert Tickets To See The Beatles

Mario’s parents sent him to London to see The Beatles when they played at Wembley Stadium as a Bar Mitzvah gift. Later in life he saw Paul McCartney at Red Square (along with Putin) and many others.

The Magic of Taxi Drivers in Tel Aviv

I try to walk and take buses when possible, but sometimes when not convenient, or if I have to run somewhere quick where a taxi is a must, I always wind up pleasantly surprised with magic moments like these.

Thank you Mario for these special moments.  May we cross paths again.

Rock On – Alan

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