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Tekrati Launches New Analysts Wiki

Tekrati has recently launched its Analyst Research Wiki, a collaborative space for exploring the industry analyst marketplace.  This wikispace is intended to bring together contributors from across the industry analyst marketplace in a collaborative dialogue about the industry analyst business — as a personal experience, as a profession, as an integral component of the high tech industry.

The initial focus is on collecting personal views and facts directly from current and former analysts on how they see their role within the high tech industry, and how their role in the industry has evolved.

Everyone can browse and reference this wiki.

However, membership — those who can post content and comments to this wiki — are limited to current and former employees of industry analyst companies.

Members can contribute and discuss text, messages, files, images, media and links.

Plus, the analyst members will participate in deciding how to expand and evolve the focus of this wiki and how to incorporate dynamic content/features.

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