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Technology Public Relations Strategies: Put Away The Megaphone and Get Out The Stethoscope

While (part of) my role is to get clients media coverage, I’m also dedicating parts of my day to listening to, instead of just pitching journalists.


Photo by me.  Shot on location at Sun Studio, Memphis, TN

I’m circling more and more journalists on Google+, which I wrote about here, with the intent of being more effective at pitching – and when appropriate, making a great (and hopefullly useful) pitches that will indeed get clients I represent coverage.

Why It’s OK If They Don’t Circle Me Back.

While there is no way to know if someone has circled you back on Google+, in this case, I don’t really care if any journalists to do so.

That’s not the point of this process.

I’m using Google+ as a listening station – a stethoscope if you will, so I can better understand what’s on their minds, what they are writing about, and how they express their content on this emerging platform.

Oh, if you are a journalist, covering some elements of technology and disruption and wanna connect, circle me here.  

But you don’t have to.  

I’m searching and listening to you in hopes I’ll find you –  and help you discover, and possibly cover a compelling story that I bring your way.




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