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Technology Public Relations Strategies: How To Be A Good (PR) Client

If you want to get more out of us as your PR partner, then be a good client.   Here’s how…


Our role is to serve the media, industry analyst, and blogger community with compelling and interesting content and story ideas from our clients.  Shot on location at Katz’s Deli / NYC.  Yum.

A few tips.

1. Stop thinking that “PR” is about getting press.  PR, especially in the world of technology is very much aligned with sales, news business development, partnerships, funding and exits.

2. Trust our judgement.  That’s our value.  That’s what you are paying for.  Anyone can build a list and try to badger journalists to death.  

3.  We’re not here to serve you.  We’re here to be helpful to the media, the industry analysts and bloggers.  If we provide interesting content and are helpful, you’ll get the coverage.

4.  Think and act like a journalist.  You’ll understand the receiving end better.

5.  Realize that you may have a great story, but not every story or pitch is going to be of interest.

6.  Yes, there should be a core “list” of contact, but don’t overlook outreach on Haro which may result in a one time coverage event.

7.  Stop asking your agency to call a journalist back to see if they have your press release.  They have it.  They may be busy or just not interested.  Instead, pitch your story before you send out a general news release on a wire service.

8.  If we recommend an industry analyst that you may not know, study who they are, what they cover, where they are quoted.  We’ll do that for you, but sometimes, it’s best to do some of this yourself so you’ll get it.

9.  Don’t put all of PR in the Marketing Department.  Let us engage with you CTO, your Biz Dev Team, the developers.  They all have stories and insights to share and tell.

10.  Let us help you become a media company.  (more on that one next week)

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