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Technology Public Relations Strategies: Before You Pitch, Ask….

Before you pitch, it’s generally best to ask… and get a reality check…


Reality Check Photo by me in the streets of Tel Aviv (c) 2011

1.  OK to send you a press release as an attached file, or embedded in the email?

2.  For outreach, do you prefer email (which address), Facebook mail, DM via Twitter, or your Gmail account via Google +

3.  Do you honor embargo’d requests?

4.  When pitching a news announcement, what are your deadines?

5.  What times of day / night do you prefered to be contacted (or not)

6.  What days of the week should I NOT reach out to you?

7.  Are you the right person to pitch my story to?

8.  What industry analysts do you rely on, or do you suggest we brief in advance of pitching you?

Most of the time, common sense rules.

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