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Technology PR Strategies: The Importance of Great (and Current) Content on Your Startup’s Blog

A startup’s blog is a great vehicle for story telling, and being found by media.


Your startup’s blog is a seat at the table for journalists, bloggers and industry analysts to discover and share your insights, expertise and knowledge on the market you are creating.  Photo shot at Geekdom, San Antonio.

It’s also a great clue to a journalist, blogger or industry analyst that you have deep and original thinking and could be a great source for them on not just covering your company, but an industry trend that you are either creating or part of.

Here’s some tips:

1.  If you are going to blog, do something more that overstate the obvious with links to articles from Mashable,  Read Write Web or TechCruch (unless it’s about you).   Journalists can find that on their own.

2.  Build a story around what you are doing, not just what you are doing.  Share feedback from customers, what you are finding and how you are helping.

3.  Post content from conferences and trade shows you might go to.  Report on what you are seeing, who you are connecting with, and how your solution or platform fits into the world at large.

4.  Don’t overstate the obvious.  If a journalist finds you, and discovers your blog, this is your first point of entry in raising the potential of possibly gaining media coverage.  Make a good impression with deep thinking and good writing.

5.  Post once a week.  At a minimum.  If you go dark for a month or two, it shows you’re out to lunch.




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