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Tech PR Strategies: Before You Pitch…

Before you pitch…


Be strong.  Show your strength with great writing and insights that will make you a source for the media.  Photo by me – shot at the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island, NY.  

1.   Make sure your company’s blog is current and has helpful information that users (and journalists / bloggers / analysts) can benefit from.

2.   When you populate content, make it original content, and not a reciting of an article from Mashable, The Read Write Web, etc.

If you are going to recite these types of cites, then expand the content and add some insight.  Why this matters, why this is important, and what to do next.

3.  When you write, show some deep, original thinking.  If someone is going to write about you, make a good impression – before you pitch.

If they are going to find you, you want to illustrate that you’d be a great source for them and have something compelling to say.

4. More than just getting your product or platform covered, you should aim to become a source to the media that will pay off in other ways beyond the launch or a new tweak to what you think may be next.

Do the work. 

This really works.  

Time and again.


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