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Tech PR Coverage Strategies: Journalists Who Follow Other Journalists

I met Dwight Silverman 20 some odd years ago when he was with The San Antonio Light – which went away and was sort of bundled into the San Antonio Express-News.  His syndicated coverage of technology for the Houston Chronicle is some of the best.  He not only writes, but engages with readers, and posts cool and useful stuff such as: his list of journalists he is tracking for CES 2012.  


It would stand to reason that someone like Dwight would follow his peers who also cover not only consumer electronics, but all the gizmos, gadgets and apps that will be at the show.  (I’ll be there too).

Sometimes you have to be a bit of slueth to figure out where your candidates might be for coverage.

This does not guarantee you success, but certinaly helps accelerate your research and discovery process.



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