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SuperComm Booth Awards

Walking the SuperComm show with my new Nikon D70, I took the following photos and decided to take it upon myself to give out my own awards for showmanship.

The winners are:

Best TV talk show impersonator: Juniper Networks.  This was the closest thing I’ve seen to David Letterman.  He had the same personality and of course did his "Top Ten" thing, but in the context of networking and price issues.  Everything in his presentation was aiDsc_0129med at slamming Cisco.

Best Attempt to prove that sex does sell: Hula Networks.  Yes, that wonderful reseller of used computer and telephony equipment shows that bossoms and lays can stop men walking the show floor in their tracks.


Best Forecast of things to come: Microsoft (who else).  Windows on your computer.  Windows on your portable device.  Windows on your server.  Windows in the telephony infrastructure.  And now comes Windows on your TV!


Best Props:  Siemans.  For the ultimate couch potato, they were demonstrating IP TV in various environments including a Lazy-Boy like lounger, airline seat, and park bench.
Very clever use of props that you can actually take a rest on during the show.

Worst Props: Comarch I don’t get it.  The identical triplets, playing Russian violin music.  Cute idea.  But not very effective or applicable at a telecom tradeshow.  They are based in Eastern Europe, so I guess they were trying to extend the metaphor of where they were from into the exhibit.  Sorry, Stravinksy and billing for converged networks don’t mix.

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