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SuperBowl Hype: Volvo and Vigin Galactic to Give Away Seat on Virgin’s Premier Space Flight

It’s Sunday morning, here at The Ranch, and we’re gearing up for that great American TV tradition of Advertising and PR:  The Super Bowl. 

According to, Volvo will be offering a one free seat on Richard Branson’s recently announced Virgin Galactic venture.  The press release from Volvo says that in the 30-second ad, Volvo unveils its new Volvo XC90 V8 SUV by comparing its power to a rocket blasting into space. Near the commercial’s end, the ship’s pilot reveals himself as billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson,
founder and chairman of The Virgin Group of Companies.

This game happens to be two very good teams going at each other.  And in between the blocking and tackling, there will be Sir Paul McCartney doing half time and some very interesting and innovative ads.

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