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Stuck at the Continental Airport Lounge in Chicago

Due to weather, I am going to be a couple of hours late out of Chicago en route to Houston and then home to The Ranch in San Antonio.  I am going to have to spend the night atDsc_0033 the Marriott.  Right now, I am parked at the Continental  / Northwest President’s Club at O’Hare and it’s pretty cramped.  What is very strange is that the lounge is configured much like an old age home:  you know, where everyone is sitting in chairs facing each other looking out into space. 

Rather than just looking into space, most of us are starring at our screens, talking on our cell phones or clicking away on Blackberry’s.  This really isn’t the norm for the Continental lounges.  The configuration of the room strikes me as odd.  We are all starring at each other, checking out our respective toys, running our businesses, chatting with our families, or friends. 

I wish whoever designed this lounge actually took the time to hang out here for a while I think they would have done it much different-  allowing for some sense of privacy

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