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Startups – Why You Should Set Up Imaginary Play Dates With The Media

In the process of setting up real meetings with your team, potential partners, investors, and suitors, simultaneously set up an imaginary play date with the media.


Imagine who you would want to get to know, engage and share your startup with.  Envision a prospective investor saying they read about you on a specific site that is best suited for the space you are pursuing or trying to invent. Photo me shot in Tel Aviv, a great place for grafitti.

You don’t need your Mom or Dad to set up a play date with the media; you just need some imagination.


  • Make a wish list. 
  • Start reading their content.
  • Get to know them with their writing.
  • See what interests them.
  • Who they follow.
  • What they write about.
  • Who they report on.
  • And why.


Sooner or later you’ll be ready for this. 

So as you’re going through your evolution and prior to coming out to share your story, put yourself in the mindset of coverage, and being prepared.

Imaginary play dates with the media will help you shape your story and be a better candidate for coverage and certainly, a better story teller.


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