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Startups: Want Media Coverage? Write Interesting, Helpful, Informative Content on Your Blog

One of the most effiicent ways to be discovered by media, analysts, and bloggers is to write interestesting, helpful, and compelling content on your startup’s blog.


Old School Typewriter shot by me last year while traveling.

While this may seem to be overstating the obvious, I am amazed at how many startups I meet with and ask, “where the fuck is your blog?”

The general response is… and general answer back is…

1.  It takes too much time:

You don’t have to post daily.  Write something once a week.

2.  We have nothing to say:

Oh yes you do.  

You’re disrupting an industry, you’ve got your pulse on beta users, studying industry research, getting help from mentors, and much more.  

3.  We are not in sales mode.

Even better.  Your goal is not to sell anything.  Your goal should be to be helpful and a resource to the media on your particular market segment.  

4.  We’re still in stealth.

Stay in stealth.  

Maybe you illustrate your humanity and share some of the struggles, the joy and the changes you are going through in bringing your startup to life.  

I’ll help you figure it out.  Free.  No charge.  Let me show you how.

The first five startups that email me a link to their site, and pitch me on what your doing, and what makes you interesting, I’ll give you 30 minutes to help you get going on your blogging / story telling initatives.  alan at weinkrantz dot com.


  1. Alan, I will keep this post as reference to hand over to some of the people I meet and have the same excuses and reason why they don’t want to share their story. I have to say that similar to the lesson I learned from you on using creative commons of not putting the effort in. It is just easier to have this list of excuses.

  2. thanks for the advice. i’ve been avoiding creating a blog for quite some time. but my question is whether guest blogging is more effective for a small company — especially since no one will really know about your blog for quite a while — if ever.


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