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Startups: Do You Have An Export-Oriented Mind Set?

One thing I have learned from the startups I have worked with in Israel is that by and large, they are export oriented.  


Look beyond the traditional borders of the U.S. when building your startups. Your customers and competiton are global indeed. Photo by me shot in Hoboken, NJ.

It’s not a case of shipping goods overseas.  These companies are not shipping product.  They are writing code that solves new problems and creates new market opportunities.   It’s about been discovered, found, and shared — worldwide.

I am seeing the same thing happen in Chile.  In Russia.  In Singapore.  

Startups are everywhere.  

Ignoring borders.

Language is not an issue.  

Currency goes go away when your goal is to amass thousands, and hundreds of thousands and millions of users.  

The currencies of community has an exchange rate that’s not governed by the IMF.

Your “competition” is no longer in New York, Austin, or Palo Alto.  It’s in Tel Aviv, Mumbai, or maybe Moscow. 

The U.S. market is certainly huge, but don’t forget:  chances are, there are at least five other startups kind-of-sort-of doing what you are doing.  

If they are overseas, chances are, they have an export oriented mindset in place, and so should you.


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