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Startup Strategies: How To Identify A Targeted Journalist / Blogger / Analyst Who Might Cover You

Here’s a technique I use when I am doing research for clients on who we could engage with and eventually pitch a story to:  track conferences and events relative to your space and see who is speaking.


Geo – at SXSW 2012 – shot by me

Often times, music journalists moderate music tech conferences, security bloggers might speak at – you guessed it, a security conference.  And lo and behold, an industry analyst might release the findings of a survey about networking gear, one of their own conferences or as a guest speaker at a related event.

There’s Always A Paper Trail of Opportunity on The Web 

If you put your sleuth hat on, dig in and discover, reserach and engage with targeted universes who are not only visible, but could help you amplify your message, vision and smarts.


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