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Startup PR Strategies: Why Your (Written) Voice Matters

Part of the user experience should also take into account the words and tone of voice you use.


Voice & Tone Matters.  Make sure you’ve captured what’s best for your customers, partners and investors to be.  Photo of Blue Microphones shot at CES 2012 by me.

A site for engineers or developers will more than likely have a different voice and tone that one aimed for musicians or school teachers. 

Depending on how you’ve positioned your startup, you might be irreverant, fun, whimsical, or too cool for school.

Before writing the core text of your site, try this:  stand in front of a mirror and talk to your imaginary audience.

Imagine the world is listening and wants to engage.  

It’s not only what you want to say to them, but the tone of voice that will resonate best.

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