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Startup PR Strategies: Who’s Gonna Own PR?



Own PR before someone else defines who you are and what you do….

Own PR?

We’re just getting our company going.  

We just raised a bit of money.

We’re scrambling to get code done.

There’s four others kinda sorta doing what we are doing and we’re in a race to get our platform out there.

Yes.  Someone should “own” PR. 

You don’t have to do PR – the traditonal sense.  As a rule, I recommend against it. 

You should, however have one person in your startup owning the voice, the brand, the message, the image, the perception, the voice and vibe you want journalists, analysts, and bloggers to feel when you are discovered or found.

Go ahead.

Own it.  

Before others define who you are.  

When that happens, you then have a much larger problem, and bigger time suck on your hands.



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