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Starting Up From Chile, @Klooffapp Camps Out In NYC To Become a Multinational Startup

About three months ago, I received an email from a stranger in Chile who discovered my content.  We starting corresponding, which lead to a Skype call, which lead to chance meeting in New York City yesterday.

World Headquarters of – The New York City Public Library

Meet Alejandro Russo, who represents a new breed of startups – something I call the multinational startup.  While he and his team are based in Chile, they decided to camp out in Manhattan for 60 days as a way to accelerate their ways to connect with potential partners, investors, and the media.

Their world headquarters is based at – uh…. the New York City Public Library, where this interview took place – and hence the whispering.  He told me about the fact that he and his four founders are sharing a one-bedroom apartment, often sharing beds, never sleeping, going to non-stop meetings, and making them most of their time while they are here.  

His startup, Kloof, is aimed at pet lovers.  While it’s a compelling market and giant opportunity, I was more taken by what he represents in global startup world.  

Just A Few Milestones – While Operating From Their World Headquarters at the NYC Public Library…

+Klooff won the Latinos in Tech Pitch Competition, sponsored by Google. This was a major event, including a panel of Angels and VC’s. We received a cash prize of $6,000 plus a set of gifts including investor meetings and press connections. 

+Klooff won the ContactChile contest. This is a very competitive contest where the Chilean Government reimburses up to $30,000 of expenses for Chilean companies planning to do business internationally. 

+Press: Klooff has been featured in FOXAOLYahoo!, the Daily Mail and other media outlets.  They’ve done this on their own.  No PR firm.  No consultants. 

+They’ve just secured a partnership with one of the major animal welfare organizations in the world. They’re working together on a pilot to foster pet adoption using their app. If all goes well, this plan could be executed in more than 80 countries where this organization has presence. 

+Klooff just reached 1,000 downloads yesterday!  They’ve been receiving very valuable insights on what their users like and what they don’t. Their metrics are letting them make quick iterations and improvements, allowing the team to update the app every week.  Version 1.2 was released yesterday. 
Story Telling In Real Time.

The company and the app aside, Klooff is doing something very smart:  they are doing their own reality blog of their experience in New York.  Read all about it here at KlooffNY Blog.

I don’t have numbers on this (yet) but I suspect that bright young minds like Alejandro are on their way to respresent a growing part of an economy that should be watched.

Kllooff on AngelList.




  1. Great post, Alan!! There is so much great talent and innovation coming out of Latin America-thank you for highlighting one of many wonderful stories.Congratulations to my Chilean amigos….” Chi, Chi, Chi; Le, Le, Le-¡Viva Chile! “

  2. Thanks Alan and thank you Harold!Always working hard to make Chileans and Latinos proud!


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