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Sooner than Later — Your Message Shapes Your Market Strategy

You’re ready to bring your new product to market — or even your new company — so it’s time to develop your marketing and PR message. Right?


Well, now’s better than never. Ideally, though, you would have started to formulate your message at the same time you were developing your business plan. Because the image you must take to your publics — your customers, your investors, your suppliers, your competition, your employees, the consulting community, the media, the blogosphere and more — is one that is tied to your business goals and reflects them appropriately in the context of the marketplace.

If you have worked out your message early in the business or product develop

ment process, you can use it to help prepare the market for your eventual announcement and product introduction.

Your message should incorporate information about the business problem your product responds to — the motivation for developing the product. It should explain potential applications and the benefits to be expected. It should spark the imaginations of your potential customers, so they can envision themselves putting your product to work. It should make your employees proud and energize them as ambassadors for your company and your products. It should inspire confidence in your investors and respect in the minds of your competitors. It should clearly differentiate your product in the marketplace and make the case to your customers for choosing your solution.

Most importantly, your message should leave no doubts about the capability of your product and your company. It should be accurate and fact-based, while generating the excitement your product deserves.

By crafting your message early in your strategic planning, you have the opportunity to prime the marketplace with expectations and to explore the business challenges your product is designed to address. You also have time to test your message and to fine-tune it for optimum impact. You can explain your product and validate your message with industry consultants and prepare the media for your announcement. All these activities will help you be completely prepared for your product introduction and confident that your message is “right-on.”

When you’re heading for market, developing your message should top your strategic “to do” list.

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